SpinoConcept is a new generation chiropractic clinic offering structural foot, pelvis and spine restoration through pioneering bio-mechanical techniques and practical health education. Operated by husband and wife team Dr Henry and Jenny Lin, SpinoConcept offers the full suite of Clinical Biomechanics of Posture (CBP) techniques, complimented by Spine Pelvic Stabilisers (SPS) and custom orthotics at their dedicated chiropractic facility to deliver long-term mobility results and lasting health attitudes for their patients.

SpinoConcept is working hard to turn conventional chiropractic care in Australia upside down. Instead of focussing their services on short-term pain relief, Dr Henry Lin and his team have dedicated themselves to finding the root cause(s) of their patient's symptoms starting upwards from the feet, then providing a short-term and strategic re-alignment program to restore the entire body's structure for optimum performance and lasting health.

As unconventional and uneconomical as it sounds, the SpinoConcept team can't wait to see the back of you!